A poem-a-day for National Poetry Month


The title of “Not Without Poetry” comes from a quote by Charles Baudelaire, in which he says, “Any healthy man can go without food for two days — but not without poetry.” And that is the goal of this site. For the entire month of April (national poetry month), we’re encouraging everyone to try writing a poem every day. There is no pressure, there is no way to “lose” at this event, there are no trophies. There is only the joy of creating poetry, thinking about poetry, reading poems and sharing your love of poetry with others.

In the past, this role has been delightfully filled by the awesome ReadWritePoem. Sadly, as of last year, they closed their doors (after publishing an amazing anthology of poems from the April event.). This site is in no way attempting to fill their shoes — an impossible task — but rather to give poets and writers a place to continue their poem-a-day process with a community of peers, readers and poetry enthusiasts.


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Event organized by Shanna Germain with the help of numerous poets, writers and friends. Please send any questions, concerns and prompts to shanna.germain@gmail.com.